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We need cookies to maintain the Association for Sport website functional and improve user experience. According to the EU regulations from 25 March 2011, we are required to request your consent before saving cookies. In other words, by using our website you are agreeing to these terms. If you disable cookies, you will not be able to use the entire website supported by this technology.


Cookies are small text files that the website server saves on your PC or mobile phone web browser (depending on which device you access the page), the first time you visit the website. After the first visit, every time the web browser requests the identical page from the server, cookies are sent from the user’s PC to the server. In this way, the server can identify and monitor the web browser. We use the term cookies for all files that collect data in the manner described above. There are several types of cookies:

SESSION COOKIES: automatically expire from your computer when you close the web browser. Websites use them for storing temporary data (for example, items in the shopping cart)

PERSISTENT COOKIES: do not expire from your computer even when you close the web browser. Websites use them for storing data – it’s mostly your settings when using the site. These cookies are however reset if the expiration time is reached or the user manually deletes the cookie.

FIRST-PARTY COOKIES: come from the web site you are looking at, and they are either session or persistent cookies. Websites use them for storing data such as name and password, so you do not need to log in every time you visit.

THIRD-PARTY COOKIES: belong to a domain different from the one shown in the address bar. Websites may contain content from other areas (such as banners, links, or videos), which allows to record information about a user’s web browsing habits. Privacy options in most modern browsers allow you to block third-party cookies.


By turning off cookies, you decide if you want them to be stored on your computer. Settings can be controlled and modified on your web browser. If you disable cookies, you will not be able to use the entire website.


Yes, our website uses cookies, primarily to provide our visitors with a better user experience. In addition, we use them for:

  • To track visitor statistics: Cookies record information about visitors’ interactions on our websites. They are used for archiving and other data related to user activity.
  • For the normal functioning of the web program: cookies serve for the normal functioning of certain website options that make it easier for users to access content.
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